Sr. Vmware Engineer

Company Name:
PSI Resources
Job Description:
Advanced VMware engineering - build, deploy, troubleshoot hosts and guest servers in a multi-host VM environment.
In depth knowledge of iSCSI configuration and troubleshooting. Networking as related to iSCSI configuration.
ESXi & Linux command line knowledge. Troubleshooting with esxcli, vmkfstools, esxtop.
Architectural and design understanding of ESX HA, DRS, Nexus 1000v
Windows server engineering: build Win2k8 servers, administer AD, configure network parameters, design, implement, troubleshoot AD Global policy
Server Hardware: Build ESX & Windows servers, understand RAID levels and implement RAID on servers per application.
Networking: Understanding of public/private IP address spaces, subnetting, summarization, security zones such as DMZ, trusted, etc
Nice to have:
Voip - Cisco Call Manager, Unity, QoS for VoIP on Cisco switches and routers and Cisco Wireless

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